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Welcome to Just ONE – Health and Social Care

Just ONE is a leading health and social care provider that delivers care, support and accommodation across the North West, Wales, West Midlands, Gloucestershire/Avon and the South West to adults, children and young people, as well as family support.

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At our core we care passionately that the families and individuals we help and support through complex challenges have positive outcomes and opportunity to achieve their goals.

Health & Social Care For Children

We support children and their families to lead ordinary lives on a day-to-day basis and to improve outcomes over the short and long term.

This support is personal, tailored, and specific to the individual needs of the child and their family and as the needs of both evolve, we are flexible and responsive to change.


Health & Social Care For Adults

Our Health and Social Care Department provides individualised and person-centred approaches to ensure our clients have proper care in place that is reflective of their needs.

We are committed to delivering care and support for Individuals to access the community, in supported living, or in their own home, helping people to live their most fulfilled lives. 

Health & Social Care For Wales

Our Wales Social Care department has over 17 years’ experience providing individualised and person-centred approaches to ensure that the people we support, reflective of their needs, attain their desired outcomes.

We are committed to delivering the best care and support for Individuals in their own home, in supported living, and with access to the community.  


Family support 

We provide a range of approaches that support families to improve the quality of their family life.

While many challenges are universal, each family is individual and so our approach is to tailor our support to their own unique requirements by combining professional expertise with empowering and trusting relationships. 

CYP (Children – Young Persons)

We use our vast experience to reach out across the North West, North Wales and West Midlands by offering personalised accommodation and support to young people who are at risk of social exclusion, including those who do not engage with other services.

Our Children Young People (CYP) Department allows our service to cover support and provide individualised care to young people and families mindful of their needs, choices and aspirations.