Family Support

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We provide a range of support for families to enable them to stay together and to improve their quality of life.

Our Family Support service is innovative and built on practice that is delivered by experienced employees who can engage with and build professional, empowering relationships with families.

Our support service aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To improve families’ confidence, self-esteem, and social skills
  • To enable better interaction between parents and their children
  • Support parents through challenges with children through use of new strategies and techniques
  • To provide a range of interventions for professionals to support families

    If families and relationships are strengthened, children who were at risk of being placed in care may stay at home.

    Just ONE will work with each member of the family and all children in the household to receive support and attention, and where necessary, work with other members of the household.

    The outcomes that form Just ONE’s approach are:

    • Parents have better social and support networks in place that promote family harmony
    • Families achieve and maintain appropriate skills, which promote enablement and prevent social isolation
    • Reduce the number of children entering the care system
    • Reduce the rate of offending of children and families taking part in the programmes
    • Families are more confident and able to engage with universal support

      Just ONE work in partnership with a variety of other professionals to ensure all the agreed needs of children and families are met.

      Below is a list of family support settings where Just ONE can provide support: 

      • Teenage parents
      • Parents of children with disabilities
      • Parents who have been placed on parenting orders
      • Families at risk of eviction or exclusion from mainstream services due to anti-social behaviour
      • Families who are subject to Child Protection plans
      • Families of children who are in the care of the Local Authority or who are deemed to be at risk of becoming looked after
      • Families who have been assessed with an identified need or at risk of developing challenging behaviours
      • Families at risk of or identified as experiencing domestic violence