Interview tips

Accept that you may feel nervous prior to the interview and understand that this is usual.

Prior to the interview, try to find out as much as you can about the organisation you are applying for a job with as this shows that you are genuinely interested in working there.

Think about what questions you are likely to be asked and run through the answers you would like to give a few times beforehand. You need to be able to explain why you want that particular job, why you think you would be good at it, and why the skills you have are appropriate and show that you could do it well.

Have some examples ready to explain how you have used those skills successfully in the past. Firstly, because they may ask you that, and secondly, if an interviewer asks you what you would do in a particular situation, because you’ve already thought about your skills and how you’ve applied them, you can then respond to the imaginary scenario. Thinking about the STAR method can be helpful:

S for a situation you had to deal with

T for a task you were given

A for the action you took

R for the result of your action and what you learned

First impressions count so make sure that you look clean and tidy and that you are taking the interview seriously. Small details help so iron clothes and clean shoes etc.

Be clear about where you are going, how to get there, what time to get there, and who you need to ask for on arrival – and aim to get there around 10/15 minutes early.

When you go into the interview, smile and make eye contact with the interviewers and say hello individually as they are introduced to you.

When you are asked a question, take time to think about your answer in a calm and measured way. Listen to what they actually ask you and answer that question as this stops you from appearing too rehearsed. When you have finished your answer to the best of your ability, stop talking and don’t feel the need to fill any silence. The interviewers may well be thinking about your answer.

Be polite and positive, maintain eye contact with the interviewers, think of 2 or 3 questions that you can ask to show that you are enthusiastic – and don’t be frightened to ask them.

At the end, thank the interviewers for their time and smile as you leave. If you want to, you could even send a follow-up thank you email.

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