Personal skills for working in social care

Working in social care can provide a rewarding career which has a direct impact on people’s lives. However, there are certain personal skills required that provide utmost support for clients and fulfilment for carers and support workers.

Social care can take many forms but fundamentally it offers support to adults, children, and young people and families who need assistance to manage complex challenges and achieve the best outcomes to live fulfilled lives.

So, what personal skills are required for a role in social care? People skills are key. Working with vulnerable individuals means that the ability to build a strong, trusting relationship is very important. Clients need to trust the information or care they are given and that stems from trusting the person giving it to them.

Clear communication is an important way to build that trust. Humour, reassurance, patience, flexibility and the ability to provide information at the appropriate level for each individual situation is essential. Genuine care and compassion shines through. Working in social care means having understanding and empathy in sensitive, personal, challenging, situations and having a genuine desire to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Sometimes, working in social care means that certain situations can be upsetting, and people can be distressed. The ability to focus, remain calm, and manage the emotional impact of events are all personal skills which can help. Teamwork is a vital aspect of working in social care.

Being a supportive team-player with excellent reliability and time management skills provides a great basis for work relationships in which teams are all pulling together to provide the best service for the people they are helping.

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