Spooky goings on in Wrexham

Lee and Lindsey are brother and sister. They did not have that many friends and hardly had friends rounds for tea or parties. They wanted to make new friends and have a Halloween party at their house, they wanted to cook their own food and have games.

We made invitations which Just ONE handed out to all Seniors of the Learning Disability Projects who asked their clients if they would like to attend and the office contacted package staff.

The Clients loved making all the decorations and we made sure everything was suitable, so they would not feel left out e.g. enough room for wheelchairs and apple bobbing on tables to make it easier. We had gluten free pizza, snacks and puddings for dietary needs as well.

Over 40 Clients attended the Rowan Halloween party, everyone brought food and cakes. All the Clients enjoyed themselves and we had comments like:

• “that was the best one yet” (HT Chester rd)
• “can we come back next time” (JB Daniels Drive)
• “the staff have really made the effort” (Kelly Hodgson Senior Daniels Drive).

Lee and Lindsey have made new friends and been given an invitation to a Client’s birthday party that had attended the Halloween party. Lindsey has pictures on her wall of the evening and can’t wait for her next party, she is planning for a Christmas party now.

10 Years with JustONE

10 Years with JustONE

10 years at JustONE! Today we are celebrating an amazing milestone for one of our Support Workers. Dawn Turner has now been at JustONE for 10 Years! This amazing achievement shows the determination and caring nature of Dawn. Over the course of the last 10 years...

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